My Time Now

In Port Saint Lucie, Florida with my friend Lori Karas. Enjoying the sun, the shrimp, and the beach! I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends Julie Gammack and Richard Gilbert in Gulfport on Sunday, February 23rd for a house concert. Years ago, Julie wrote several extremely nice articles about me in The Des Moines Register and I am forever in her debt for being so kind and generous. I’m trying to refresh my memory so I can sing this song written for Richard and based on a poem he wrote titled My Time Now.

My Time Now

I am ever westward sailing
Endless oceans to explore
Skies are clear and winds prevailing
I am free when far from shore
There’s a cool breeze to soothe my weary brow
It is my time now

Take my time and take my treasure
Take my moments and my days
Love and laughter without measure
All I am I give away
Before I take a final bow
It is my time now

Many sunsets grace my vision
Many pleasures I have known
In my life this grand provision
Friends and family fill my soul
For all the blessings I have been allowed
It is my time now

Oh but for a faithful captain
Ships are lost and gone astray
Steady on the course I find my way
Gliding out across the bay

I am ever westward sailing
Through this hallowed passage door
Far from fear and human failing
Peaceful now forevermore
Looking out across the bow
It is my time now


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