Summerfest 2019

Saturday, June 15 – come join us!

I’m looking forward to being a part of Summerfest 2019 on the beautiful lawns of King of Kings Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, IA.

It’s an outdoor music festival AND a car show! Now that’s different!

The admission is free and there will be food vendors on site. All you need are your sunglasses, lawn chair, and blankie!

Both cars and guitars will be tuned up and rarin’ to go! See more details below:

Cars and Guitars. Yee-Haw!!

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Believe it or not, it’s spring!!!

What better way to celebrate than going on a little road trip to Spring Green, Wisconsin! I’m heading that way on May 4th to perform at The General Store! Hope you can make it!

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Many Thanks and Apologies

rawpixel-com-247356-unsplashI want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who came to the Coffeehouse Night performance at Lowe Park on March 2. It was one of the most rewarding performance experiences for me and that was due to the incredible support and kindness of the audience.

I am so grateful for every person who came.

Unfortunately, many people were turned away at the door and not able to get into the concert due to the room capacity being full and the fire code which limits the number of people in the room. Many people stood in the hall or lobby to listen to the performance. For all you folks who were inconvenienced and turned away I want to extend my sincere apologies. One person who was turned away emailed me to ask if I had any other performances in the area. I currently do not, but I am working on seeing how I can make that happen.

Again, my heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out.

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SongDoor Honorable Mention

SongDoor logo

This is great news! Both of the songs I submitted to SongDoor were awarded an Honorable Mention in the SongDoor 2017 International Songwriting Competition! Thanks so much, SongDoor folks!

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The Final Tribute Farewell

We say farewell to nineteen years of Tribute Concerts. We will miss you all. Thank you for all your kind support and friendship over the years. Thanks for the memories!
Who knows what tomorrow holds?
We will see…







Farewell my friends I’m bound for Canaan
I’m traveling through the wilderness
Your company has been delightful
You do not leave my mind distressed
I go away behind to leave you
Perhaps never to meet again
But if we never have the pleasure
I hope we meet on Canaan’s Land


After party fun with Big B (Bruce Millard) and G  (Gerard Estelle).





The Paramount Theatre Marquee





Tribute&Harry up

Tribute with Harry Elston of “Grazin’ in the Grass” fame.

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The Final Tribute Concert Dec. 6, 2017

Tribute is Nina Swanson, Carol Montag, Kathy Donnelly

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Summer of Love at the Iowa Talent Factory

Many thanks go out to all the folks who came to the Iowa Talent Factory in Nevada, IA on Saturday night for the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love concert. Rocky Raccoon (Beatles cover band) and Mr. Mojo Risin’ (Doors cover band) were both fantastic – not to mention super nice guys! We were taken back in time with awesome music, cool psychedelic images, and a fog machine! A very groovy time was had by all and the audience could not have been more appreciative! There wouldn’t be a show without all of YOU! And…many thanks to Larry Sloan for inviting me to be a part it all! Until next time…Peace and Love!

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Figure Eight

Hope you enjoy this video I created for my song “Figure Eight” from my Marigolds CD.

Figure eight etched in ice
They say perfection has it’s price
Silver star shoot across the moon
I swear I had one once
But I let it go too soon
I let it go

If I were a little girl
I’d probably fly apart at the seams
I’d dance myself into the ground
‘Cause I’d have that star
Just burnin’ in my pocket
No matter what anyone said
I would not stop it
I would not

Can I dance for you
Let me dance for you
I wanna dance for you

When you look up
On a starlit night
Do you wonder why we’re here
And is there a star
Just burning in your pocket
Is it fading fast
Like the white tail of a rocket
A white tail

Will you dance for me
Dance for me
Dance for me

Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me

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Tribute Christmas Concert on December 7th

The Tribute Christmas Concert is coming up soon and we (Kathy Donnelly, Nina Swanson, and me) are looking forward to another exciting show. We are honored to be performing at the beautiful Paramount Theatre again this year. We have fantastic musicians joining us – Bruce Millard on guitar and mandolin, Gerard Estelle on keyboards, Tom Mackey on drums, Craig Dove on bass, Jim Coates on guitar, Joanne Chadima on flute, and Carlis Faurot on violin. Plus, we have a special guest or two joining the gang! Expect fun and music that will put you in the Christmas spirit! I look forward to seeing everyone! Love and joy come to you! Here’s a link to the show!

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